Robi Pubg Pack

Gaming is now the best type of extra circular activity that’s why Robi Pubg pack brought a rare type of data bundle for this game lovers. People played games on different ground but now through advanced tech, all games exist on mobile. Most children spend all the time on games and prefer android games as compare to other curricular activities. There are multiple verities of games like educational, challenges and casual but some games left a positive aspect of human life and people learn from games. People play Pubg in groups online and data is necessary so, Robi Pubg pack especially for them.

Rubi Pubg Pack Details:

Under this pack, 1GB data will provide to the user for the purpose to play this game. Furthermore, charges of this pack are too affordable for every person as well as, user can easily use any time this offer under duration time.

  • Rubi Pubg Pack:
Volume Time Duration Charges
1GB 30 Days 33 Taka

Imp Things to Remember:

  • Firstly, the online method is available where customers can buy this but the most important credit limit is necessary for 33 Taka.
  • This data will be used for Pubg game not for another browsing.
  • Specifically, only Prepaid customers can enjoy or get benefit from it.

Rubi Pubg offer

Robi Pubg Pack Code:

Users can avail of this offer through different ways like customer care, IVR and online but some customers cannot know about these methods they want just a simple way so, USSD code has been introduced by Rubi operator. Those can easily avail Robi Pubg Pack after dialing *123*033# but 33 Taka charges are necessary for your SIM account and will deduct on the time of subscription.

It’s true that Robi Pubg pack is one of the unique offers that’s why it attracts the attention of every user who is playing this fantastic game on phone. In recent situations, this is one of the best activity types to spend time.

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